Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mini Cupcakes!

I have had 2 orders of mini cupcakes in the last month and of course didn't take any pictures, however I thought I should post something anyway! Both orders of 100 mini cupcakes I decided to experiment with flavors. I love trying new flavors and so far I haven't been disappointed. For the first order I did white cupcakes with a tangy lemon buttercream frosting, chocolate cupcakes with a caramel buttercream, and finally, chocolate cupcakes with a white chocolate chip buttercream. My personal favorite was the lemon cupcakes. I added crushed up LemonHeads to the buttercream so it had a bit of a crunch and that extra tangy lemon flavor. Yummy!!

My second order was for a housewarming party with a southwest theme. I decided to do a Margarita Cupcake with a lime buttercream frosting, Red Velvet Cupcakes with a white chocolate cream cheese frosting, and finally a Chocolate Chili Cupcake with chocolate chili ganache frosting. Again, my personal favorite as well as the kids favorite was the Margarita Cupcake. It was so moist and so light it melted in your mouth. The lime flavor was intense but not overpowering. Don't worry, no tequila was used in producing these cupcakes!
Both orders were a huge success!!

Next up: Mustang Race Car Birthday Cake! Stay tuned!!

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  1. omg..yummy! i love cupcakes! prob more than cake ;) yum yum. chocolate with caramel buttercream...yes please!